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Art Cocktail Club is a nomadic Cocktail Bar using Gourmet Cocktails & illustrations to create an immersive experience.

All recipes & illustrations are signature creations inspired by Art, Travel & Literature.

Created in 2017, Art Cocktail Club works for Events & Dinners and as a consultant for Bars & Restaurants.

Alexandra is the creative mind behind Art Cocktail Club
recipes and the beverage director of Selva Oaxaca.
Her approach to cocktails involves using market ingredients, kitchen techniques and a touch of craziness to craft unique drinks that sparkle conversations.

Vincent Moustache is a world traveller illustrator and Art Cocktail Club Art Director. 

Every day, he turns his life into a world made of art déco cabaret, croissants and elegant lines that he shares with his instagram community.

Claudio is Art Cocktail Club bartender and writer.
A Semiotician and User Experience Designer he plays with words and storytelling to create narrative experiences.

Chanel, Musée de la Villette, Payoneer, We Are ONA L'Appart, Fulgurances, Chambre Noire, Les Enfants du Marché, Margùs, Nhomade, Villa Rose, Los Danzantes, Koch Mezcal, The Vault London, TT Liquor, Criollo, Zurich: Gamper, Trube Zollikon, Bauernschänke...

We live between France, Spain and Mexico and work wherever there is a nice project for us.